Minotaure release 2.0


Minotaure release 2.0

Spade introduces Minotaure 2.0 !

It is time for us to announce the release of the new version of Minotaure. After months of work, your content management tool has evolved!

2.0, what does it mean ?

Simply that a new set of features is available now.

We detail them right here:

1. Templates are here

Save time and create pages with the same structure (templates), reuse them to produce new pages and avoid systematically starting with empty pages. They will improve your editorial consistency and save you precious time.

2. Advanced Dashboard

Screecast Minotaure Dashboard

This is the new strategic place where you will be able to find everything you need to know about your site in one click. You will have direct access to the creation of new content via buttons. We have simplified access to our support service by synchronising our ticketing tool with your site, as well as reminding you of your contact details at Spade.

The dashboard also allows you to see if your content has an SEO problem via our diagnostic tool.

3. A customized login page

Minotaure login page

We have also worked on the login page, your gateway to your site’s content management tool, which has been given a new, modern design with the possibility of including your own logo.

4. Update of the widget Map

In this new update, the widget map (into the Premium Pack) is simply amazingly effective. You will now be able to add an address via a dynamic map and the information will go directly into the necessary fields. An appreciable time-saver!

5. Disable a widget locally, it’s now possible !

This makes the widget invisible on your page. Example, you have content in a widget that has been written but is not expected to appear for a few days, it is possible now to disable it yourself and then reactivate it later.

What else…

6. Advanced search

The new specific search allows content to appear via all metadata fields (widgets etc). This provides more results for a search.

7. Targetted SEO

A new SEO system has been implemented. It offers you the possibility to fill in content using a mix between Minotaure and WordPress. This allows you to improve and target the SEO on your content in the best possible way and independently.

8. New widget “Profile”

Thanks to the Widget Profile, you will be able to retrieve WordPress users in order to highlight them anywhere on your content. By retrieving information such as their name, photo, email, etc. This widget is integrated in the Starter Pack.

9. The Minotaure Guide has also been updated

Finally, a new button is available on widgets. This will take you directly to the guide for that widget, to fill in any memory gaps. Check out the new Minotaure Guide at https://help.minotaure.io/

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from updating your content management tool.