What technologies are used with Minotaure ?

Our framework Minotaure is deployed in the WordPress environment.

The WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is the leading CMS in the world today, and is recognised for its many advantages:

  • Open source solution with the largest community
  • Specifically adapted to content-oriented web platforms
  • Designed natively to extend all functionality

Since its creation, Spade has been exploring and exploiting all that WordPress has to offer. Installing its Minotaure tool, which makes the CMS even more flexible for web administrators, was the next logical step. Working on WordPress, which is constantly being improved, updated and extended, requires the development of tools that are also open, adaptable, and scalable in the short and long term. This ensures that we (and you) are working with tools that are always up-to-date and designed to work in harmony.

Minotaure has been developed with the following technologies: