What are the Minotaure packs?

Minotaure is a global method that integrates all the stages of a project’s life. This tool allows you to create a web platform of any size (infinite number of pages and articles) with an impeccable level of finish and a fully customised design.

At the development stage and depending on the type of website you’ll need, different types of content (presented in the form of blocks, which we also call widgets) are created. The widgets are the bricks of your future site which, assembled in one way or another according to your needs and desires, will create the different pages. Each of these bricks has its own design and configuration.

These different content blocks are divided into 3 packs corresponding to their potential level of complexity in terms of functionality and development:

  • Starter: always present, they cover the basic functionalities of the site (see the prototype of these basic functionalities here)
  • Premium: added as needed, they provide more advanced features (see their prototypes here)
  • Tailor-made: unique and custom-made to perfectly match your wishes

This approach guarantees a number of points:

  • Speed of creation and deployment of a web platform
  • Creation of sites of variable size and geometry (infinite number of pages and articles)
  • One or more sites managed from a single location with style harmonisation
  • Extensive customisation of elements and their association, ensuring uniqueness and differentiation from the competition