Is Minotaure accessible?

Minotaure is a framework, an environment and a set of tools. It is very flexible, developed to adapt to different needs and over time.

So, yes, Minotaure can be accessible if you decide to make it so. What makes a website accessible is on the one hand the technique we allow it to use, the choices of colours and shapes we make, but also (or even more importantly) the way we treat its content.

Minotaure is a concept developed by the company Spade. Spade is the first agency in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to have been certified AnySurfer*, in 2013. Its teams are constantly working to promote web accessibility and to develop tools in this direction. They will be able to provide you with the advice and technical skills needed to develop, implement and maintain 100% accessible websites.

Depending on your requirements (or wishes), we can integrate these issues throughout the process – planning a graphic design according to visual accessibility constraints and a technical integration that takes into account the proper uses of accessible code. The earlier you think about it, the easier it is to implement, and the more time you have to test different situations!

*AnySurfer is the reference label for accessible websites and service providers capable of producing such sites.