As a client, what are my direct benefits?

Direct implication of participants to the project

From the very beginning of the project, you’re involved in the creation process of the web platform. Minotaure is more than a visual support, it’s a social journey.

Clear steps

Each step can be clearly defined and is part of a “Kanban” view shared between all parties involved.

Efficiency is key

By “tool adjusted to the needs of the project”, we mean that your platform should perform well, no matter its size. Minotaure gives you access to each component so they can be optimized for technical performance (website reactivity, page rendering…) and for SEO reasons as well.

A well-defined environment

No “black box” with Minotaure. At any point in time, we make it transparent. The environment is documented so other teams can take on the project if that’s what suits you.