Frequently asked questions

  • Is Minotaure secured enough ?

    Our WordPress websites’ architectures allow us to considerably reinforce your website’s security. We set different applications on the server to watch the website’s activities and trigger security measures against suspicious activities.

    The backup of your website is incremental and distributed on a minimum of two services:

    • one that is hosted on the same server as the website (but in an unreachable area to the web)
    • another one hosted on a cloud service.
  • Is Minotaure Multisite ready ?

    Yes. Sometimes you need to open new websites that will have various lifetime. Set as subdomains or simple case files, you’ll enjoy activating them within a few minutes. A sub-website should be customizable to clearly identify the brand of the department or the zone of information.

  • Is Minotaure accessible ?

    The agency behind Minotaure (Spade) is  a AnySurfer certified agency. AnySurfer is a Belgian quality certification that strives for a more accessible internet for all users, including people with a disability.

    Following your obligations (or wishes), we can integrate those questions of accessibility during all the Minotaure methodology : planning a graphic design according to visual accessibility restrains and a technical integration that takes into account the good uses for an accessible code.

  • Our website needs to work with third parties applications, is it possible ?

    You use tools such a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), Email marketing, Marketing Automation, ERP, LMS (e-learning)… and you need a direct interface between your website and theses applications. Extending the functionalities of a website can take various forms. They are often mis considered in bills of specifications because of lack of knowledge on interaction procedures.

    Minotaure is based on Themosis development framework, which assures a simple and transparent integration of third parties applications.

    Collected data can be transferred to other applications without problem and in the most secured way.

  • Do I need technical skills to manage the website ?

    The technical part of Minotaure is specifically designed to answer that challenge : no technical knowledge is necessary to create complex pages.

    A Lego system lets you build up pages by empiling blocks (“widgets”). Each block has its own editor letting you manage options, informations to display and so on.

    There are no risks of making an error (colors, fonts…), because the choices are limited to the definitions set in the  styleguide.

  • As a client, what are my direct benefits ?

    Direct implication of participants to the project

    From the very beginning of the project, you’re involved in the creation process of the web platform. Minotaure is more than a visual support, it’s a social journey.

    Clear steps

    Each step can be clearly defined and is part of a “Kanban” view shared between all parties involved.

    Efficiency is key

    By “tool adjusted to the needs of the project”, we mean that your platform should perform well, no matter its size. Minotaure gives you access to each component of the platform so they can be optimized for technical performance (website reactivity, page rendering…) and for SEO reasons as well.

    A well-defined environment

    No “black box” with Minotaure. At any point in time, we make it transparent. The environment is documented so other teams can take on the project if that’s what suits you.

  • How does it work ?

    We propose a complete design process in 6 steps. Your digital platform deserves a integrate approach :

    1. Strategy : The discovery step where we use User Experience Research. During workshops we take time to build an efficient digital environment.
    2. Information Architecture is the next key element to organize everything: sitemap, data model, user workflow
    3. UX Design : we prototype the main interfaces from a low fidelity wireframe to a realistic interface ready to pass any usability test.
    4. UI Design : lLong-term vision of a digital design system that respects your brand identity.
    5. Frontend and backend development : Bulletproof technologies supporting our methodology. An administration panel dedicated to efficient content
    6. Maintenance : the platform is hosted on our server with high-level security monitoring and continuous updates.
  • What are the Minotaure packs ?

    Minotaure makes it possible to deliver a web platform of any size (infinite number of pages and articles) with a level of finish that guarantees the speciality of the project and its differentiation from the competition.

    To best size your web platform Minotaure allows you to make a cherry picking within 3 types of packs :

    • Starter
    • Premium
    • Tailormade

    Each pack is delivered with several widgets that allows you to have a range of modules to manage your content inside your digital platform. You always have at least the Starter Pack but depending your needs you can add some features from the Premium or Tailormade packs.


  • What technologies are used with Minotaure ?

    Currently Minotaure is used in a WordPress environment. WordPress’ CMS (Content Management System) is known worldwide for its numerous advantages :

    • Open source solution with the biggest community
    • Specifically adapted for content oriented web platforms
    • Designed natively to extend functionalities

    Since its creation, Spade has always exploited WordPress’ advantages to the fullest and is nnow developping within it Minotaure’s framework.

    Within WordPress, it is essential that the technical environment is developed with an open state of mind that allows evolution in the long run, so you can foresee without stress updates of the different technical components.

    As a result, Minotaure has been developed with accordingly relevant technologies: